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new Abercrombie bset Where a customer aged Eslite

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PostWysłany: Wto 4:38, 17 Maj 2011    Temat postu: new Abercrombie bset Where a customer aged Eslite

Where a customer aged Eslite CEO: Management Branch to elect people who know too much

a venture in Hangzhou, Zhejiang asked

I was general manager of a health products company, the company more than 10 provinces in the country established a branch. Particularity health products industry in the early development of the company, the local branch should have a strong determination, but now the result is big sales of a vassal like a general manager, difficult to manage. Now, I want to strengthen the control of the address from where to start?
VANCL (where customers Eslite) founder and president of aging A

people who know too much choice, Managers must be their CEO selection, trained, and stayed long enough at the headquarters of the time it is. Even in the local selection of personnel, but also in the company worked out to be enough to send another year or so

some time ago, I've been watching Peter • Drucker's book, he said, new things
specific to the branch management, my point is: first, sent to the people around me must have spent some time, people who know too much, so that people can only be guaranteed execution. For example,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I want to set up branch offices in Shanghai,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the Shanghai general manager of the local Can you find someone come and do it? I feel bad, maybe he's capable, but if he go astray,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and no one can stop would be too much trouble, VANCL the various branches of the general manager, I usually choose a department director-level people in the past do.
you must think about the general manager of the branch is not alone to start, the company's resources to support must be very important. Acting alone, single-handedly do again? May be able to, but if you really make a success but I will think this is a strange thing. That there are lessons learned, because only stayed long enough at the headquarters personnel would be based more in-depth understanding of resources, if sent to the general manager for the headquarters of the resources are not very understanding, is not easy deployment of the company resources, it is not easy to do.
As said, Solution I can think of is to immediately open the General Assembly established the rules of the branch general manager of the establishment of manager is for thirty persons. Also, thirty people can change, you can not rush, or wait until the results came out a year, for the most people to the most difficult place to go and see if he can change the place of performance is good ? I think the
My experience tells me that every place is different market environment, consumer awareness of the brand is also not the same. Younger shirts sold well in Tianjin, in Shanghai on the fragmentation, VANCL doing a good job in Tianjin, and Shanghai has done well. Each city in style,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can not get a standard. Personal ability to successfully branch of the composition, but not absolute, you are strong, Shanghai can do, then go to Tianjin Branch to do.
branch manager you want to study the psychological, and some people hope in Beijing alone, conditions are not difficult, and some people want to stay in hard place, can be independent when the king, my rules is that all Branch Manager must be changing of the guard. The benefits of rotation is the branch manager to develop a I used to think of training by more senior administrators always think of the management must have rules, and this rule should be effective for everyone.
in fact, not just branches and departments of management is the same reason. In technology companies, the technology sector may be more difficult to manage, no matter what, my men is a one-year change in charge. You have to know the size of the company until a large enough time, to fight must be managed.
Lenovo Founder Liu once said, used to say that the core executive, a look at the attitude, the second read capability. Given rule is determined attitude, the attitude here that is you set the rules, we must abide by the rules, such as the rules say you can not drink driving, drunk driving, all I have to win, no special circumstances, this is my personality.
Similarly, if the I think the attitude assessment a person first,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then the ability of the company after a large scale without this bigger picture, large capacity to those who would destroy the molecules.

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