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Jordan Spizikes 3 Great Belt Sanders That Won't Br

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Dołączył: 11 Maj 2011
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PostWysłany: Nie 16:23, 15 Maj 2011    Temat postu: Jordan Spizikes 3 Great Belt Sanders That Won't Br

ing a belt sander is a big and generally pricey investment, but if you're a craftsmen on a budget or one that simply appreciates a great value, these corded belt sanders will satisfy both your professional needs as well as your financial plan. Hitachi, Bosch, and Porter-Cable are known throughout the tool industry for consistent high-quality and performance, they also, however, bring craftsmen this superior, industrial quality at prices that won't break the bank.
Hitachi's SB8V2 (3” x 21”) variable speed belt sander is a brilliantly good tool with excellent handling and a 9 amp motor powerful enough to waltz through even the toughest applications. Additionally, with variable speed control from 820 - 1,475 SPFM, the sander has truly optimized manageability and can either rapidly chomp through stock or move slowly through it during more precise projects. The sander is built with wear-resistant v-belts (with twice the lifespan) for always smooth operation, and at only 9.5 lbs the sander is lightweight and simple to operate. With left-side mounted dust collection the tool has better access into corners and tight spaces while still providing the valuable service of dust collection which, as we all know, keeps us safer, our shops cleaner, and leaves less room for error. With big, sturdy capacity, gnarly power, and a price-tag of only about $140 - $170, the SB8V2 is one component you won't regret adding to your tool repertoire.
Bosch's 1274DVS (3” x 21”) variable speed belt sander is a truly perfect tool for your lighter duty projects and applications. Practical (if not ideal) for every home and hobby project,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the tool has a lightweight, compact, and perfectly balanced design. Both vertical and horizontal applications are smooth and simple, and with a powerful 6.6 amp motor and variable speeds from 550 - 1,100 SPFM,Jordan Cool Greys Interesting Hiking Tour In Yosem, the sander can remove stock rapidly, or take it a bit slower for more precise sanding. A long, 16 ft cord ensures an extended range of operation and enhanced mobility about your projects,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and with a removable front handle and a graphite platen protector pad, you can sand in close quarters with a cool running tool that sands with smooth uniformity. With a lever belt release and a belt tracking adjustment knob, the sander offers faster, simpler belt changes and adjustments, and costing only about $150 - $190, this belt sander certainly won't throw too big a wrench into your financial plan.
Additionally, Porter-Cable's 352VS (3” x 21”) variable speed sander is a fiery little tool with impressively big power. The tool has a tough 8 amp motor with variable speeds from 850 - 1,300 SPFM allowing the sander to slowly sand through more delicate jobs or aggressively remove stock on more crude or pre-sanding projects. The motor is positioned directly above the tool's platen for perfect balance and performance, and with a quick-release belt change lever and ultra good fingertip belt-tracking knob, the process of changing and adjusting your sanding belts is notably quick and simple. Additionally,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the sander's dust collection bag swivels 360 degrees to offer enhanced maneuverability as well as superior dust collection.
The 352VS is sizably more expensive than Hitachi's SB8V2 and Bosch's 1274DVS ranging anywhere between $200 and $290, but you may be able to find this tool reconditioned. If you can, recons are an exceptional value and it would behoove you to not pass them by. As a recon the 352VS (now a 352VSR) ranges between around $150 and $170, a substantially big savings on an icomparably goof tool. For those unfamiliar with reconditioned tools, they are simply power tools that have been returned to the factory for very minor defects. They are then stringently inspected, refurbished, and returned to the market. Because, however, they have been returned to the factory the tools can no longer be sold at regular price and are consequently much, much less expensive. The only difference between reconditioned tools and “not-reconditioned” tools, is a slight change or swit

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