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tory burch sale Exploration of Psychological Healt

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PostWysłany: Śro 2:07, 20 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: tory burch sale Exploration of Psychological Healt

Exploration of School Mental Health Education

social development, students have to withstand the adverse effects from all depends on school, family and society proper guidance and education. Education in schools and families which played a leading role, following some of these aspects.
First, mental health education in schools need to
rapid development and rapid social change,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], all kinds of bad thoughts and contradictions to make young students at the school had a tremendous impact. As young students, the process of positive growth and development, the lack of discernment and social science experience, coupled with the independent school students are less aware, so students can easily place the public psychological and behavioral deviation. Chinese papers Union editing.
recent years, students often appear jealousy, low self-esteem, withdrawal, and other unhealthy psychological behavior, the reason, we find that they have mental deviation is due to learning and life problems and difficulties encountered, the lack of resolution of conflicts , dealing with setbacks and deal with the crisis.
We as educators can not ignore the eye can not focus only on scores regardless of whether students with mental health and integrity of personality, we must cultivate the talents and not waste it, but not the black sheep. Therefore, we have reached a consensus: to be under the foot effort, to address mental health education to promote the healthy development of students and improve their personality, to train qualified personnel in the 21st century.
in conducting mental health education approach
1, Mental health through classroom teaching knowledge, psychological health education is the main channel
school classroom is the main place for educational activities, classroom teaching is not only Scientific knowledge transfer process, but also the process of psychological development of students, from the teaching content, the subjects of mental health content is a very good educational material, for example, politics, language, history, geography, students can cultivate the mind, shaping the noble and elegant quality; mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology can be the training of scientific thinking; art, music can make use of the unique melody,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], line, color aesthetic ability students, physical education students can exercise strong will of students to compete hard, aggressive spirit. Infiltrate in the process of teaching subjects related knowledge, so that students everywhere can feel the truth, goodness and beauty education, improve their psychological qualities, and as the subject of education, teachers not only in knowledge of the students, and teachers personality of teacher-student interaction in the teaching will play a subtle role in the process, which constitutes an important mental health education content.
highlighted here, you can take advantage of who started the political materials: The course is from the height of moral education to cultivate the quality of non-intelligence factors, set moral and psychological study of knowledge, build capacity in one, focusing on mental training and behavioral guidance programs.
2, contact the family, parents guide their children's mental health, psychological education students is an important way to
parents and students because the inherent kinship, emotion and ethics on the internal relations, family education direct impact on the effects of school education, school education is a force which can not be replaced. Parents in their children's physical health should also be concerned about their mental health. Some parents think that children only get stronger, do not get sick is healthy, it is not comprehensive understanding, in fact, some young people who have mental disorders, such as lying, vexatious and other acts. However, in recognition of the one-sided, many parents for children's mental health not pay enough attention, and even actions contrary to mental health education method, which is not conducive to their psychological development. Mental defects found when they are corrected in a timely manner and guide them to love life, love science, concerned with social, caring, foster their sense of responsibility, independence, self-esteem and self-control, to develop a positive spirit.
3, take advantage of other ways to conduct mental health education
① can use a variety of newspapers and magazines related to the article, the students mental quality education. If a newspaper, This is some of the students love that foul language is very educational; or the use of psychological tests on newspapers and magazines condemnation for testing, so that students have to rectify,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if any, Tsutomu.
② create psychological counseling programs to help students lift the psychological barrier. The best students can be organized and set up by senior grade advisory group, to discuss growing pains were, but also between teachers and friends through the type of communication, which addresses students who study methods, results and other aspects of the confusion generated, but also enhanced communication ability of students. But also through the establishment of a .
③ school campus culture should strive to build positions, do a good job announcements to run bulletin boards, bulletin boards, etc., so that students may spur education all times.
In summary, to make the healthy mental development of students, schools and educators must master the psychological knowledge and psychological development of students to follow the law,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in practice, flexibility in the use of psychological education law, to explore the psychological development of students, summarize the experience of psychological education, and family, social close contact in order to achieve good results.
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