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(e) establish a strict examination system. In order to ensure that the law of the work carried out into the community, the city Bureau of Justice, their law office to develop a On legal advocacy, legal services, notary services, grassroots legal services, legal aid and community work into the county were the legal norms, and the way the system of assessment percentage, thus contributing to the legal community work into the healthy and smooth development. 
(b) the establishment of the hotline service channels.

Xingyue Xinfu District ** plant communities rely on established public law schools, the community residents to organize and employ cadres on a regular basis on the legal system given law enforcement authorities to conduct legal service activities. Municipal Judicial Bureau in the city to promote this practice, the legal community generally established public schools, to bring the law into the communities have a fixed position. Learning community where knowledge of law, participation in community governance according to law, the legal system and other cultural activities, not only enriched the cultural life of the residents, but also brings them under the rule of law education.  
** Municipality in four districts and three counties, the total population of 226 million people. One in four districts under the jurisdiction of the city, for a total of 31 streets and 328 communities. With the law in depth into the community work, work problems gradually exposed. First, the lack of unified leadership and do not form a joint force. Law into community work, Civilization Office, Management of Social Security Office, the Justice Department and other departments are arrested, but authorities are not clear, action is not uniform, so the lack of initiative, enthusiasm, hard to join forces. Second, dispersed strength, do not form a scale. Into law in carrying out community work, the Bureau of Justice are involved in major business sectors, but the lack of unified command, coordination, and the trunk each, there is no rational allocation of resources, personnel without a valid combination, do not form a scale, targeted community work to bring the law into is not strong, timeliness small, high quality legal services, legal needs of residents can be met quickly and easily. The root causes of the problem is that the law does not establish a scientific operational mechanism into the community. 
Second, community-based, strengthen management, reinforce the legal basis of the work into the community 

** is an old industrial base, is a resource-exhausted cities, all kinds of social conflicts are interwoven in together. Into law in carrying out community work, many social conflicts and destabilizing factors have taken place, from the grassroots level. Thus, they maintain social stability into the community work as a legal foothold. PUC clear requirements, should legal services to the neighborhood and to resolve conflicts and disputes in the community, to achieve community stability. Small communities do not, no big areas. Established emergency rapid response mechanism, and do the Namely: judicial personnel in place, legal advocacy in place, in place of legal services, legal protection in place. In order to achieve legal effect, social effect and economic effect of the best combination, effectively safeguarding the community stability. 

Fourth, the use of vectors, and guide the masses into the community work to create a legal atmosphere 

(d) the months of selected cadres and guidance. Earlier this year, the city Bureau of Justice be withdrawn from the ability of cadres, professional staff of nine, divided into four groups to the area in the months, the head of the street as the deputy director of the legal system, clearly provides for the months of staff work with the authorities decoupled from all of our energy enter into legal work in the community, specifically responsible for the communication, organization, coordination, guidance law into community work. Thus, legal services among residents and a bridge, played a propagandist, the waiter, the role of information workers. And specific guidance in business law community leaders into the community work carried out so that the law in all areas of community work into 2 or more demonstration sites to point to an area to promote the work. 

(b) increase the lead and set up a network of four organizations. Bureau of Justice established the legal community work into the leading group, by the Secretary himself as head of the leading members of the composition by the relevant functions of the offices. Counties and districts have also established a leading group of law into the community, the deputy secretary or deputy governor in charge as head of the Propaganda Department, the Civilization Office, Bureau of Justice departments as members of the unit; street into the Community Steering Committee completed the law; the community to establish a legal Integrated service station, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs with the community, so that layers of people arrested, some pipes, so the law into the community, the organization is guaranteed. 
The legal system into the community experience of legal communication materials

Deepening of the legal concept of innovation into the community work  ** Municipal Bureau of Justice into the community work in the law, adhere to the concept of innovation, scientific development view, give full play to the functions of judicial and administrative organs of the role for community to provide convenient, Chinese papers League finishing. Quality and efficient legal services, and create a favorable legal environment and legal environment, and promote the city's economic development and social stability. 

(b) to promote economic development into the community work as a legal highlights 
(a) hot and difficult issues to resolve, as the focus of the legal community work into 

residents to reflect the hot and difficult issues that often involve the vital interests of the residents, the social stability of the big problem. Such as enterprise restructuring, re-employment of laid-off workers, heating, heating, guaranteeing payment and so on. ** City will focus on such issues as the use of legal means to co-ordinate relations, resolve contradictions, so the problem is a good solution. 

(c) continue to enrich the content of community autonomy, community norms of democratic forms and procedures. Universally established and improved community management rules and regulations, such as The problem is a matter of community residents in guaranteeing the vital interests of sensitive issues. Guaranteeing that management previously not standardized, residents views. Into the community in carrying out legal work, subsistence allowances paid to develop a management system, the implementation of the Resident Representative will, Rules of the Consultative Committee, community leaders would satisfactory to the residents. Meanwhile, public sentiment forum and Coordination Council, the work of hearings and other forms of democratic appraisal, accelerating the community of democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision of the process. 

(d) the establishment of public law schools.
First, integration of resources, innovative ideas, to establish a scientific operational mechanism 

(c) the establishment of a legal volunteer service team. 
law to establish a scientific operational mechanism into the community, ** City adopted a series of effective measures: 
(a) formation of community-Prussian film projection teams.
(c) improve docking and strengthen training. Bureau of Justice with various law firms established urban counterparts in all the streets will be lawyers, notaries, legal services, the city's 328 officers assigned to community law were held with community into community service cadres docking General Assembly established working relationship. To improve community leaders into the community of legal awareness of the work, Urban leaders of relevant departments organized down to the various urban areas, training of community leaders were trained more than 600 community leaders, cadres and the community with a comprehensive administrative functions of the judiciary understanding, inspired them to carry out the law into community work initiative. 
(c) the maintenance of community stability into social work as a legal foothold 

Liaoning green law firm bought a full set of open-air film screening equipment, in June 2002 formally established the obligation of popularizing film projection teams, in addition to screening feature films, the studios at their own expense from the purchase of legal education documentary to the audience screening. While taking advantage of the film before release, to carry out legal advice, answer legal questions raised by the residents, helping residents to resolve law-related matters. During the consultation, some taxi drivers raised much-needed legal protection. Firm contact with the relevant departments actively Lin Bo, director, consultation, and finally with the ** City Private Transport Association, set up jointly by the individual and private transportation ** Municipal Association legal rights center, safeguard the transport interests of owners. At the same time made it clear that the normal operation of transport owners have taken place in various types of administrative cases, Traffic Accident,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], civil compensation cases and related criminal cases, lawyers Rights Center fee waiver accepted. Transport owners over the past year a total of 5 cases by free agents, so that their legal rights are protected. Obligations of lawyers in Liaoning green screening of the film projection teams a total of more than 270 games, on-site legal advice to the civic duty to answer more than 1 person (s), accepting 20 pieces of various cases. 

(b) the expansion of grassroots democracy, protection of community autonomy according to law. For a long time, urban communities, there are varying degrees of administrative management of the tendency of residents to participate in community building is not high. With the deepening of reform and China and China's growing interest in community affairs, establish and improve community self-government system to ensure that the residents manage their own affairs according to law, is a growing grass-roots democracy, strengthen the grassroots political power, the need to establish a socialist political civilization. Into the community in carrying out the work of the law, ** City simply pay attention to overcoming the past, emphasized the work of law-abiding citizens, ignoring civil rights; only the emphasis on improving the legal awareness of citizens, legal citizens do not pay attention to improving the quality of the tendency to establish a self-conscious attention to helping residents , rights and sense of responsibility and improve the residents to participate in community-based management initiative. At the same time strengthen community management according to law, and gradually make community leaders from the past 
(a) of the complete system of legal norms into community work. ** City has developed a system of legal education, obligation as a community legal advisory system, regular system of legal advice, notary convenience system, the contradiction and dispute mediation system, training system of legal aid, legal aid network system. Constraints from the system specification and associated personnel in various functional departments so that they work correctly handle the business into the community work with the relationship between law, thus ensuring the legal staff into the community, timing and content of the implementation. 
PUC to establish demonstration sites in the urban areas of the law in communities publicity boards, the content of the law into the community,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], responsibility to the community residents publicity. Notary for the city produced 328 community boards notary services into the community, various community legal service personnel have produced a Meanwhile, the City Notary Office, legal aid centers, law firms have opened a hotline to meet the legal needs of community residents, community so many legal issues can not be resolved. 
(a) program of work. Formulated the So that all functional departments in the legal into the community to know what to do, how to do it. Work content in the proposed five teams into the community, namely: legal advocacy into the community; legal services into the community; notary services into the community; grassroots legal service into the community; legal assistance into the community. Community work to bring the law into a more standardized and institutionalized. 

** Economic Development Zone in recent years, such as lease transfer, lease, occupation of land and many other issues petition caused many local farmers, complain, seriously affecting the region's economic development. Liaoning green law firm legal advice with the joint development zone Awareness Week activities, the use of time every night, to the residents, farmers and other land law publicity laws and regulations. Patient through a lawyer to explain, but they have said: as long as the government compensation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], resettlement and reasonable, in line with state regulations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we promise not to make trouble, do not petition. Meanwhile, the lawyer positive recommendation to the Government, a reasonable solution to the problem is to promote the economic development zone. 

for the power shortage, ** City, some retired , people's mediation, security precautions and other legal matters. Xinfu District Community Legal Volunteer Service, Southern Taiwan, the former city school comrades Zhang President of the Court, who for the community of the estate, inheritance, relocation disputes, issues such as the elderly legal services remarriage. Currently, the city has 80% of the community established a legal volunteers, to provide legal services to the residents in a timely manner, the legal community work into an indispensable force. 
three around the central task,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], expand the community work into the field of law 

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