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Cały czas gada!
Cały czas gada!

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PostWysłany: Czw 6:27, 26 Maj 2011    Temat postu: nike jordan lofty heels|

natural for the United States has been advocating the French women do not wear the bra pioneered the trend, they believe namely not only feel snug wearing. And if the underwear line will influence the coat or faint apparent underwear, quality is being diluted, such for clothing from a sense of transparency look underwear, even extra indecent. So numerous French women ambition work to dinner, simply reject underwear during training, their reach is not wearing a wrap while the bra, adhesive plaster on the breast first, the "milk glue." While preserving bust fashion additionally elegant.
French women to give up bra with "milk paste"
freedom of American women of anybody breast development
American women have forever been to fashion, opening with said they respected the free development of the breast, prefer than a bra to curb them. Because they believe that the blind pursuit bend, trying to lift the breast, the consequences will guide to distortion of the chest, and even may be due to the materials used inappropriately or in a bra does not cause mastitis, a serious condition must also operative surgery, out pus, many women The physical and psychological injury.
e tribe girls first, to give up bra
secondhand to consider for themselves and the underwear is a landscape lover, merely nowadays the family of the girl already e casually returned to this Scenery the natural, at intervals there will be not bra girl passing, young, healthy, natural, accidental, relaxed [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sexy, freedom, then it is a variety of unrestrained loveliness.
In fact, as the pursuit of prevailing women, the "Dai" and "not wearing" the bra is not important, it is important to reserve healthy, have a healthy and natural breasts is the maximum important. E household of the girl does not need to hide a lot of folk, and demonstrates a natural to carving natural landscape, the pace of their pert and confident.
N following treatise to see see via brcausatives
reason: coat style is not suitable for
in many important ceremonies or a wide diversity of movies, Festival [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], heeded at actress and visitors will choose not to wear the bra. Only an reason, because they chose not to wear for the bra. There are 2 common specifics of dress design, one light linens such as silk, chiffon, one low-V halter. In such circumstances tin be dreamed if you choose to wear a bra would be favor the location.
two reasons: work
here primarily refers to the model (gallery, articles), the model goes as a showcase conveyance for designer clothes, of course, for the designers to aggrandize services. If the T stage show when the designer works to wear a bra own determinations may undermine the designer works not only lines, shapes and other factors.
appending of a catwalk prototype absence to alteration each 3 or more sets of dress, which generally only 1,2 in the background will be aided to change raiment clothing assistants, while the replacement rate of bras and bra wearing very slow, we can imagine the time basically not granted. So as a dedicated vocational models, specifically in the lack of the designer is rarely the case that bra's.
Three reasons: for health
Three reasons: for health
health experts said that if the bra size is too small, will make the heart, lungs and great blood containers are oppressed, thus affecting the customary development of body organs, but also the breast compression so that meager blood prevalence, lower blood stasis resulting in breast grief caused by ailment, breast bulging and embarrassment, and even cause breast inversion, breast dysplasia.
bra while the elected substances and textures are too quite momentous for matrons, if the selection properly, makes a woman's rind allergies, itching. Since it is so laborious apt choose, as health or no wearing.
Chinese video star Bai Ling is not bra for health representatives, and accordingly by many media as "bold." When queried about not wearing BRA would not fret about sagging breasts time. Bai Ling frankly speaking, not to worry because the relative droop more anxious about is wearing BRA may lead to breast malignancy and additional health problems.
Four reasons: need causative? No
adore a person needs causative? This is Stephen Chow in "Westward Journey" inside a classic lines. Many do not love the same bra actress in the face, "Why do not love bra," the question, always smiles, noncommittal. Not only chest expansive, but also still expansive center.
Spice Girl Victoria, if in a journal cover, dissemination, or to attend parties, night shift, and even the time has not been bra shopping. It does not seem to her bra do not need reasons. yixian:
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

underbust corset| apt Sui

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