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ghd australia Well worth a visit after 80 very tru

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Ten to ma gadanę...
Ten to ma gadanę...

Dołączył: 25 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Nie 17:46, 28 Lis 2010    Temat postu: ghd australia Well worth a visit after 80 very tru

!We're a very unfortunate generation
When we read in rank school, universities do not want money
When we read in college, elementary school, not the money that we have not
work, work is also assigned
we can work when,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], reluctantly forcen to the wall to find a job to do
hungry people as we can not make money when the house is assigned
when we can make money when , but found the house had not afford to buy into the stock market
when we do not have the time, a fool in money
when we broke in excitedly, when they find that they become a fool

complaint is that it? Lengheng soon unconscious.
suddenly want to write something. 2007 This year, the 80-year-old born in the next 24,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 80, the little brother of 85 generation, will be rite.

one. This is not the worst of times
Maybe we had too many of this generation experienced a similar sermon: \rebellious, so we are gradeed to shield such statements.
aging mother 20 years ago told me that these words, the children burst into tears, bitter, determined to improve himself; 10 years ago that when that High School students dismissed, scoffed.
Now, if she even told me that these words, I would quietly listen.
but she do not want to talk about those memories with me.
only rely on memory to search some of their fathers groearng up: in order to save a few cents to walk to school or go to the shore; mountainous and rural areas, planting beds can not go up too tired; befactor of the trouble account had to quit something; to morning and afternoon school, and ultimately exalted is just a specialist certificate.
not the money the university, there are too many people do not read the last chance to read; assigned work, stifled passion and dream of too many people; fool all of the stock market to make money, not now in advance it?
not the money the house is a good thing, really a good thing, but do not worry about food and clothing than childhood, do not worry about the boy read the book can not afford, do not worry about the youth can not go to college ... ... maybe this is not the case all , it must be admitted, we had a day is really not so harmful, is not it?
80 later, it really has been spoiled so I do not know enough to it?
procedure not!

II. This is not the best of times and did not spoil our
times,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], both admit you do not e5fb01eef276c561bfe1fa1a60baneful evil89c that this is a faction. It is the lack of friendship
generation brother and sister, which is locked in the house in the revolution generation. We have color TV, has a bully, has a telephone, to catch up with the rapid advance of the Internet.
but these can not replace the ideas between the brothers and sisters, which was birthally grown in each of the emotion should be there, missing out of thin air. So some of the old
Venerable they do not pluck the waist,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], lit vision of the old pipe and learn to emphasize said: \the first packet to go home entangled brothers, we can go it alone; you are bothering some people to help you understand, we took a passion to the girl next door who does not say class, puppy love is the word I do not believe the invention of 80 created, only to be brothers and sisters, parents know instructers know and are doly not the same thing; you do not match, and you can be in groups, and sectionisan to go out to play, we have to see father and mother to go out and play face \Who out ah, ah not detrimental kids, the family a few acres of earth ah, ah what ingredients their parents ... ... \No one.
a brother to accompany their growth, so you can be a bit more out of love, a few games, a few beautiful bags instead?
not to mention the increasingly heavy burden of high school, enrollment and tuition size is proshareal to the rapid upward growth in the evolution of teaching quality can be known how the university did not, there are hands that have bad street to obtain a diploma.

III. with their own way of fighting, walking no one walked the streets
80 after they have their own happiness, but also have their own challenges.
every era has their own happiness and challenges. not a demon after
80 generation, generation to generation Jieyou demons, a few clown Do not take a full 10 years to measure the birth of life.
even the most conservative person has to admit this fact: In the rapid rotation of the world, experience the insolentness of this thing has become increasingly short.

(in units of 10 years, generation by rigid dogma itself is no factor it can since it has been so, and then so be it, although so stupid to call after 80.)
80 after the face of such a world, even the most experienced, most successful elders can not obviously tell us whither.
Road,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or go on our own.
we have to face the unknown areas, such as network derived from the business and culture.
We have to face from the grip of conservative believeing, the most typical is the literary creation of the accused to be older people for no reason.
we have to face rampant arrogance, unrealistic expectations of the attack, we know that self-confidence.
we do not casually write a few words on the nettoil to prove their bloody and of war, we should do is, is doing its own thing to do.
For most people, life and between individuals, there is a two-step choice.
80 have their own unique side post, but this unique and fragile, finicky independent, individual phenomena and the relationshipship between the overall intentionally or unintentionally, have often been ignored, but we know what kind of person he is.
way how to get, or how to see yourself what you really want to go. This generation will naturally be failures, but is still destined to be born more successful.
most important thing is, this generation can make it, from the future, I firmly believe this.
forgotten era has brought happiness and misfortune, this is life, it is neutral, objective, calm and will not be complaining about deviate, it will only yield to coufury.
80 more than others after what anybody else what, is not it?


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