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Transferring Cheap aion kinah

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Coraz więcej gadania

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PostWysłany: Czw 2:14, 04 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Transferring Cheap aion kinah

As of aion patch 3.2, players can create characters with both factions on the same PVP realm. Although this change provides greater flexibility in game play, there is no easy way to transfer gold from one faction to another.
The ingame mail system does not cross faction lines. The level 80 character can make hundreds of aion kinah in one day from daily quests in Icecrown while his opposite faction toon is living a pauper's life. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], there is still a way to transfer cheap aion kinah from one faction to another.
The neutral auction houses (AH) at Gadgetzan and Booty Bay are where all interfaction cheap aion kinah transfers take place. However, the low level toon has to have a way to reach Gadgetzan or Booty Bay. For low level Horde, this is easy since it's just a long walk from Orgrimmar to Booty Bay. For Alliance, the trek is much more dangerous.
It should be kept in mind that the player will need two aion accounts or help from another player with a different account to make this work because players cannot bid on their own auctions even if they're on different characters within the same account. Low Level Horde Toon
From Orgrimmar, the player should walk to Crossroads and then east to Ratchet. Those with a flight path to Ratchet can simply fly there. Ratchet has a boat dock where a ship can carry characters to Booty Bay's neutral auction house.
From Thunder Bluff, it's a long walk to Crossroads, but there should be no problems with the level 20 mobs if one sticks to the road. Flying directly from Thunder Bluff to Ratchet is an option as well. From Undercity, the player should take the blimp to Orgrimmar and then use the Orgrimmar instructions above for the rest of the journey to Booty Bay. Low Level Alliance Toon
Transferring cheap aion kinah is a much more difficult process since reaching Booty Bay requires walking through Horde territory. On PVP realms, there is a high likelihood of getting ganked along the way. From Darnassus, it's a very long walk through Darkshore and Ashenvale before going south through Horde territory in the Barrens.
If possible, players should fly to Astranaar from Auberdine to buy [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] . Once the Alliance toon reaches Ashenvale, he is subject to being ganked at any point thereafter on a PVP realm. Upon reaching the Barrens, the Alliance character should go to Crossroads without entering it, and go east towards Ratchet to take the boat to Booty Bay. If the Alliance toon enters Crossroads, he will be killed on sight by other players or the Horde guards at Crossroads.

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