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Uggs Laarzen Business Week Google Chrome will lead

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PostWysłany: Pon 13:25, 22 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Uggs Laarzen Business Week Google Chrome will lead

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Business Week: Google Chrome will lead to the Internet browser wars _ _ _ Tencent Technology

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych] 2008 年 09 月 04 日 10:42 SAN Zicong I want to comment (0) SAN FRANCISCO Beijing on September 3, \not only through its Chrome browser to compete for market share. It is to change the way we use computers. Chrome browser will spark a war? Most likely. When Google announced in the September 1 that it will release its own Web browser, the market first reaction was: the late nineties of the last century between Microsoft and Netscape browser war in turn repeated. However, Google's more ambitious aspirations. Google executives said Google's goal is not just snatch the existing market share, but also change the way people access and use computers. Chrome as expected if successful, it will put a lot of applications from Microsoft controlled the desktop to remote data centers. Use Google's words, is cloud computing. Google's data center is in fact the largest and most efficient data centers, most of its applications strategy is to go from the desktop into the cloud. Network consultancy Calafia Consulting's Danny Sullivan said: \. It's IE browser currently holds 75% market share. Microsoft also recently released an upgrade to IE browser IE8. In contrast, Google's Chrome as new-born baby as just begun. Google engineers say, Chrome has the advantage that it can run applications faster, and its security is stronger than IE. The difference is that its search technology, Chrome is an open source system available. Looking back 14 years ago, Netscape browser, when its function is to open and read web pages only. Of course,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this function is still important now. Most currently available browsers such as Firefox and Apple's Safari and so can provide Internet access functionality. However, Google hopes that people can use the browser to do more,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], especially to run as word processing, spreadsheets, video editing and web conferencing applications as software. Google's plan, the browser is the gateway to the cloud of a channel. The cloud will eventually permeate every aspect of people's lives,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people can use computers, mobile phones and even televisions to access the cloud. Many cloud computing applications are likely to be directly with the Microsoft suite of office software competition. Google co-founder Sergey Brin said: \2 May rose 2% to close at $ 465.25 per share. Microsoft stressed that even if the cloud continued development of computer users still need to install powerful applications. Meanwhile, Microsoft is the latest version of its browser, IE8 many new features to compete for Google's search market share. IE8 when users stop using the carriers keep track of your information so that Google will not be able to provide targeted advertising as before. IE8 has also built a product based on Microsoft's search tool bar. Google introduced Chrome in the pronouncements issued when ambition does raise concerns about Microsoft executives. IE General Manager Dean Hachamovich guess, Google launched its own browser is will it and its independence of users and other users off. He said: \Chrome the most attractive features. They said, Chrome does not focus on those fancy applications, but a fast,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], secure and easy to use application software platform. While the first day of the mixed market reaction, but Google has taken the opportunity to incite more business users and consumers will shift from the desktop application services network that would eventually to Google's core business is a huge online advertising opportunities. If large numbers of users turn to cloud computing service, Google will have more channels to collect data and provide search advertising. \. \Chrome's development took two years, involved in the development of the technical staff from 122 countries and 43 languages. (Now, Chrome is only for the version of Windows systems, there is no system for Mac and Linux versions of the system.) Google engineers developed a multiprocessor architecture, which means that Chrome can run on different pages of different applications program. Therefore, if an application error, other applications can continue running. Although Google will develop on its own operating system or browser rumors have been circulating for several years, but Google announced this news to a lot of people are still shocked. That is because Google has been working with Mozilla to maintain close relations of cooperation, which runs Firefox. Firefox home page using the search engine is Google search. In the past four years, the development of Firefox from scratch to now 20% market share. Google did not choose Firefox, but instead to develop and launch its own browser, which shows the cloud for the future development of Google how important it is! Google vice president of product management Sundar Pichai said: \hunterlong]

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[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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