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Hospital under the medical insurance system to sur

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PostWysłany: Wto 11:00, 19 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Hospital under the medical insurance system to sur

Hospital under the medical insurance system and Development of survival

[Abstract] medical insurance system for the continuous deepening of the hospital had an unprecedented impact, the hospital how to adapt to health insurance reform, and take effective measures to strengthen the inner construction, improve service quality, enhance the competitiveness of the whole hospital is worthy of serious consideration and in-depth study. [Key words] medical insurance; hospitals; survival; development With the rapid social and economic development of the socialist market economy, establishment and improvement of the social security system important part - the medical insurance system reform is constantly in depth. Health insurance reform on hospital had an unprecedented impact and influence, the hospital how to adapt to the medical insurance system reform, how to take effective measures to enhance the adaptability and competitiveness of the hospital, and promote the development of the hospital is placed in front of hospital managers important issue. Chinese papers League finishing. 1 medical insurance system reform, the impact on hospital 1.1 further intensified the competition between the hospital medical insurance system reform, the involvement of the health insurance sector , the formation of the hospital, patients, health insurance among interests. Absolutely dominant position in the hospital is weakened, the hospital must accept the choice from the patient, hospital Qifubiaozhun, system account combination of policy measures to pay a certain percentage, so that individual patients pay a larger proportion of medical expenses, and thus the choice of patients autonomy also increases, the attitude of patients is always a good choice, high quality health care at reasonable cost, technical characteristics of the hospitals, the medical services market for the original the insurance requirements of the fixed settlement approach not only to cure disease and the hospital to spend less money, the hospital is no longer a competition between the size, equipment, level of competition, but the level of medical technology, service quality, service, management, medical environment, price competition in the credibility, which the hospital management of a higher demand, so that hospitals face more intense competition, showing the survival of the fittest situation. 1.2 decline in hospital revenue growth or negative growth 1.2.1 medical insurance center, the hospital's billing method is the appropriate compensation, reduction of total hospital revenue, on the other hand, in order to reduce the difference between the loss of part of the hospital, take down medical expenses, try to shift weight or referral of patients to the hospital and other measures revenue growth slowed. 1.2.2 The introduction of health insurance policies,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], such as: chronic out-patient benefits, dialysis, radiation therapy clinic into the overall fund, constraints, the patient's medical consumer behavior, reducing the number of hospital inpatient, corresponding reduction in revenue from the hospital. 1.2.3 pharmacies and medical insurance point system for the implementation of non-prescription drugs, hospital patients with serious illness, minor illness into the pharmacy, or hospital to the pharmacy dispensary, prescription medical brain drain occurs, the hospital decrease the number of visits, to some extent led to a corresponding reduction in hospital revenue. 1.2.4 after the implementation of medical insurance, medical insurance center, increased monitoring of the hospital, the hospital's service quality, price, quality inspection and supervision of medical expenses to be unreasonable economic sanctions, the arbitrary charges, impersonation, etc. effectively curb the phenomenon, so the hospital revenue. 1.2.5 hospitals in line with the implementation of the medical insurance system, put a lot of human, financial, material, service costs continue to increase, increasing the gap between input and output, the hospital income of negative growth. 1.3 hospital faces from all aspects of supervision and control as the personal burden of medical cost ratio increases, the cost of patient consciousness, on the technical level, the efficacy of drugs, the price charged increasingly demanding quality of service, which produces a spontaneous and strong social supervision mechanism. On the other hand the implementation of medical insurance center through the computer network system of medical practice the whole process quickly and effectively monitor the use of medical insurance funds give bad behavior in the process of notification, financial penalty, cancel health insurance eligibility, such as different levels of fixed-point punishment, to promote the standardization of medical practice. 2 medical insurance system to face the impact and influence on the hospital, the hospital must take positive measures and measures to tap the internal potential, deepen internal reform, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the hospital to seek new economic growth 2.1 to establish a correct sense of competition educate all staff understand the situation, actively involved in competition, quality service, superb medical technology, excellent medical environment, a reasonable examination, treatment, charges as the primary means of competition, take people long to make up our own weaknesses, learn from advanced experience as I used to promote the hospital building. Strengthening key specialties and constantly develop new services, new technology, enhancing its visibility, based on the advantages to further strengthen competitiveness. 2.2 to enhance content and constantly improve the quality of care health insurance laws and regulations are maturing, the hospital must pay close attention to quality of care, to seek content development, which is the essence of life and death hospital. 2.2.1 Quality education for quality education in the hospital must first establish a sense of quality, in the ideologically correct to improve the quality of bounden duty of every employee to recognize the quality of life of the hospital, the medical security guarantees, a source of hospital efficiency. 2.2.2 to strengthen quality control, establish and improve the Hospital - Departments - Personal tertiary quality network, the implementation of quality assurance activities to each department, each medical aspect of the process for each service in each of the medical science to formulate rules and regulations, and finance in action, the role of the system is not only the posters of the medical activities but to be complied with; to strengthen key areas, key positions of quality control, development of standards and quality of care evaluation formulated by a special implementation of quality assessment panel and to comment, examination results will be linked with the economic interests of departments.

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