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The three cottages _246 spirit

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Rozgadany ;)
Rozgadany ;)

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PostWysłany: Pią 21:24, 01 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: The three cottages _246 spirit

The three cottages spirit

Activity space is measured, the boundaries of spiritual activity, whether there are basic standards of value? Have a big heart, it would hold under the joy, anger, lost come to power. So, should choose bamboo rustling on cold clear place for construction of two i own spiritual hut. First, the container of our love and - love respect the limit of the parents, the couple's love, love their children, the love of friends, the love of all things, treasure of life ... ... for the ugly hatred of dirty tired of the hypocrisy of hate, contempt of the base of these complex and contradictory ... ... emotions, and many, this question will be packed with huts and asked not to be made. Your life, all the joys and sorrows experienced emotions, as if to an ancient musical instrument made of wood and stone, lay out in the spirit of the cabin Jian, the term of years, Gone, in one armored Jagged night, they will self-taught, echo with the world,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], clank sounds. If love more than hate, the little house with a bright warm, like a Golden Pond, a red carp cruising, it is your great good fortune. If hate more than love, hut on the chilly wind Cancan, devils come and go, the spirit of the sorrows of your depression, shaped thin as a skeleton. If you want to review the peace, you have to relieve myself incense, sweep the courtyard. Destruction of the spirit of your trash, reshape your spirit ceiling, so a bunch of holy light, sprinkle from the skylight. Second, in full bloom for our cause your cause, do not rely on divine birch, mainly by self-searching. Because the cause of affordable, not like son, like the bacteria after the rain, found everywhere, and because we understand ourselves, but also careful look, you need to get to the bottom of the process. When we have enough concentration, will cause redundant objects one by one stripped away to reveal the nature of it simply lovely, you may have spent half a lifetime. However, a long time Mi, the spirit of the house, also scheduled to be admitted to the career you love. Otherwise, the dove accounted for magpie nests, and that the house will be ruined, no peace. Our cause is our field. We are saddled with it, sow it and plowed, reaped, delighted to life far away. Plan their career, making career and life, presenting the situation of colorful harmony complement each other, is the second house to ask the spirit of rugged elegance tips. Third, the place of our own it seems to be a strange statement. We are spiritual GUIDE 60 No. 5, 2008 the spirit of their own homes, live with their own, but also home to who? Can it indeed committed a major mistake we often - in our little house, inhabited by all We recognize that people, just not our own. We put our minds into thinking of others ride the highway vehicle, but not to their own thinking, leaving a thin trail. We put our minds into collecting the latest information network Bamianlaifeng container, not left to their own discovery of a small storage box. We say so, no matter how loud the sound, all other across the ring finger. We have to take care of all the world, but why turn lost his keys. Living alone in their own houses, can not find evidence of what they have to survive. The three cottages, are not so big that small is not small. Very world, the establishment of the spirit of the habitat, is obligation of commanding creatures, everyone has such rights. We can not beautiful, but our health; we can not great, but we are solemnly; we can not satisfactory, but we try; we can not forever, but we are sincere. Source:

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