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polo shirts How to stimulate student interest in p

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How to stimulate student interest in physical education

Abstract In the current school physical education, there are many Thus, in physical education, how to attract students, how to stimulate students interest in learning, physical education is an important task. In this paper, learning concepts, materials, and methods of the three aspects discussed how to stimulate students interest in learning. Key words stimulate interest in physical education teaching effectiveness early as 1976, UNESCO proposed, the development of society should be Now,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], more and more people, to improve human development to a new historical height, how to make the development of school sports man's life lay a good foundation, when the cause of our attention. However, in the current school physical education, there are many First, students like activity, but does not like physical education. Now the students a good move, arguing it chase chase running, enjoying themselves, but no physical education class once to the King, or his activities there are things that, harder, and one to the provisions on physical exercise,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the task is no the initiative. Second, except for a few football fans, the real sports to be involved in the daily proportion of small and even football fans, probably just stop watching on television. Of the players, the game can do, although superficial other up, but not to participate in their own, also can not enjoy the taste. Third, the sport had to do as a passive task and burden. If you do not test, you may not even the most basic activities like, once out of school, may no longer have any interest in sports. The concept of such examination in that it is difficult in school sports activities to enhance physical and mental health through the purpose, it is difficult to develop sports activities and enjoy the good habits and abilities. IV is subject to In addition, by the View of the above understanding, we present the school sports, students should focus on the sports interest. For physical education to attract students, we must make them interested students interest in learning is one of the intrinsic motivation is an important factor in the success of teaching. Interest in the activities of the people is very important, a person is only on one thing revealed the great interest in the hobby when possible actively and consciously know it, close it and reference it. Thus, in physical education,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], how to attract students, how to stimulate students interest in learning, physical education is an important task. The following daily physical education with some attempt to talk about the interest in sports training methods. First, the concept of excitation Mao Zedong, importance. Therefore, the abolition of examination Physical Culture established concept of quality education to help students to establish the correct concept of sports, in teaching, teachers to students based on physical and mental development of the concept of lifelong physical education in modern sports, so that students fully understand the sport in terms of ideology movement and human growth and development process are inextricably linked. Second, teaching materials stimulating 1. Interesting traditional sports teaching materials, often limited to the corresponding movement of certain items, so that students prefer certain sports can not be course in physical education were met. In this regard, if the combination of the relevant items of interest to their projects so that students learn through their own favorite items to from the original only interested in certain projects, and gradually transition to the movement of the master certain skills and In the course of training in all aspects of the knowledge gained to improve their sports consciousness,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], to develop a lifelong habit of exercise sports. 2. Effectiveness of a good physical education materials, direct students to meet the sports needs. Many items of sports activities involving the site equipment, apparatus, equipment, etc. are also many problems. According to the school physical education to the specific conditions, climate characteristics, the students actually choose the content of a number of effective exercise. After a short teaching practice, students easily see their training effect, so that students enjoy success. Conducive to students interested in sports. 3. Middle school PE teaching knowledge, whether it is athletics, gymnastics, sports, traditional sports and so on. Each sport has its own technical characteristics, its actions must conform to the body structure, the principles of biomechanics. Teachers teaching by example to explain the action essentials have to be accurate, outstanding operating characteristics. In particular, to explain the process, teachers can involve students learned mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other aspects of knowledge, but also to stimulate students interest in learning. Faster and can inspire students to learn to understand and master the moves. Table tennis serve as the basic posture, basic movements and exercises and other steps, the friction surface of the ball with a racket, the ball rotation with the direction and strength, pull the ball loop time, can relate to physics, biology other aspects of knowledge. Thinking activities to inspire students to develop intelligence, arousing the consciousness of students and enthusiasm.
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