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Men do not divorce, so what of the woman Liu Meng

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PostWysłany: Wto 11:01, 19 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Men do not divorce, so what of the woman Liu Meng

Men do not divorce, so what of the woman: Liu Menger

Men do not divorce, a woman so what
                  Of: Liu Menger

                ? Original starting in 2007-05-09?? Popularity: 4114 There is a middle-aged intellectuals, has been in the outside, the woman he was arguing that followed: I ask you, you still want this house? The retorted: is not dead, do you rush? He said in the Listen to this meaning, he does not want a divorce, there is no intention to leave the house.
 
  Now some, thought that Why not divorce? Because I understand marriage as the burnt ruins of a fire has been burning to make Yi, Zai Yu mirage if the re-build Qionglouyuyu can only be a thankless trouble, or end up coming a few pieces of stone dust. Might as well dream about Man, busy in the busy nap, than anything the United States, he knew, indeed, that Qionglouyuyu impunity, indeed, aspire to, but after all, is the house is warm. Thus, this extra-marital adventures, such as the broadcast TV advertising,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], will be forever fixed in that dazzling in a few seconds.
 
  days some lazy, some greedy. In fact, there is also a grievances: Who says a life of two women at the same time not really to do? Now, they seem to have accepted a lifetime not only one truth, but the problem lies in The flu is complex, This way, the surface, he was
 
  There are many hardships, but the taste are Sure is bitter divorce, his wife and children must be innocent. If it is not met a non-appearance of the wife, in tears the whole, weak desolately's, no conscience and will not have the heart to throw home no matter what. If it encounters a kind-hearted, virtuous wife of accessible, it is a no choice. Indecision Rouchang hundred knots, often show scenes of And of course, do a back to pieces that were his home, this time, the frail and have fully exposed the weakness.
 
  The reason why the divorce lazy and do not want to leave home, do not leave that was not the woman he claims has long been, it is because he chose a relatively hard for him to end, it is because he has a so-so also the basic can sustain the marriage. The result of divorce lazy, but it is thrown into the endless suffering.
 
  wise and weak, like in the interpretation of a diffuse Qiong Yao after the main character, to come out from the sad drama, life and death of love did not keep him pulled, this time, He was glad to finally critical time to save his own, and there will be a to flu. So many of this world can thus have an affair ended, because the lazy divorce, female, what are you waiting for?

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