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Ready to make Aion Kinah more faster

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Dołączył: 15 Wrz 2010
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PostWysłany: Wto 5:21, 09 Lis 2010    Temat postu: Ready to make Aion Kinah more faster

The year end is coming around the corner, are you well prepared for a more bright and properous future? 2009 is a rememrable year for us and for millions of Aion players. Aion Tower of Eternity finally released it open beta testing at september, its first and official opening to players in North America and Europe after 2 months of internal testing. It did not let millions of fans down. 2009 is also a tough and not quite pleasant year for you in Aion, it's time for you to win it back and show your talents to other players. In the past year, if you had trouble on making enough Aion Kinah by yourself, if you found yourself can not afford for a piece of extra weapon and another more skill or spell, you should have realized that you need something to guide you and help you make more Aion Kinah to use.
Here comes my suggetion. I found a very helpful Aion Kinah making guide that will help improve Aion Kinah farming efficiency a lot. It is one of the most comprehensive Aion kinah making guides available in the market and also recommended by a lot of my friends who plays in Aion. It covers a variety of Aion’s economic aspects and raises very good suggestions to players on how to develop decent Aion Kinah earning and speeding skills. It is among 3 of the most valuable and rewarding [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] making guide in a report released by [link widoczny dla zalogowanych] Read more on the report.
Though this guide is only consisted of 50 pages, it covers all the aspects of how Aion Kinah,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], money and gold is run in Aion. You can all the reference information if you do not know a specfici term or how it works. For example, it not only covers the monetary benefits of Godstones, manastones and enchantment stones but also give a lot of information about personal stores, trade brokers, community tips, warehouses, and most importantly on trade skill professions (crafting). It is like an encyclopedia of Aion economy.
The uniqueness of this Aion kinah guide is that it does not pay too much attention of teaching and telling Aion players on which is the most effective farming spots, because teaching others on how to fish is far more important on offering them fishes. Rewarding Aion Kinah farming spot will no longer be rewarding if other players knew it. So more importantly, you need to learn and develop the skill on how to observe and summarize. By doing so, you won't spend days and nights on farming Aion kinah, but have time to relax while enjoying steady income and developing your characters.
By reading this guide, you will realize that you have missed so many good parts from the game. It is like what you have played in the game before reading this guide is only like 30% of it. Do not hesitate and if you are interested on making Aion Kinah, join us now and you will have chance to read full version of this Aion kinah making guide for free.

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