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purple hair straighteners First-tier cities will p

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PostWysłany: Czw 7:01, 26 Maj 2011    Temat postu: purple hair straighteners First-tier cities will p

tier cities will present real estate speculators selling price frenzy
Wen / Wang Jie People's Bank of China, 19
announced late, since October 20, 2010 from financial institutions raised the benchmark deposit and lending rates, which, one-year benchmark deposit rate and the one-year lending rate by 0.25 percentage points.
industry generally believe that, even though interest rates are not directly regulated by the real estate market means,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but in all regions have launched the cooling,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which may start with the first-tier cities cool second-hand housing market starting to show.
buyers wait and see policy implications
mood will be thicker
20 million, 20 years to pay off after the rate hike will be more also 23.1144 yuan per month, which means more than a year after the rate hike is also a 277.3728 yuan. This is just a meal with friends or the money to buy a piece of clothing. From this point you can see, interest rates on home buyers the actual impact of the financial pressure is limited. Analysis of the industry, raising interest rates more to the psychological impact of home buyers.
keung, vice president of China Real Estate Association analysis of the rate hike is not for the real estate market, but rather a means of macro-control, to prevent inflation, shrinking liquidity. However, after the introduction of this policy, and
Senior Finance critic Wu Qilun
agree these views. His analysis, the introduction of intensive control policies within a short time, in fact, the state in a manner that is not to encourage people to invest in real estate. In particular, the 5-year deposit interest rate from 3.6% upwards to 4.2%, that is, to attract long-term deposits, for those who are still waiting to see the people, not easily enter the market.
be affected first, second-hand housing market
industry estimates, due to the superposition of various effects of regulatory policies, the city's real estate off line may be a lot of selling in late October, leading to second-hand housing market, housing prices fell, and then transmitted to the new home market, will usher in a year-end low price area.
Wuqi Lun pointed out that for buyers, down payment and interest rates of the superposition effect of the purchase cost soared, some home buyers just need to be squeezed out of the door. Interest rate increase after the accumulation of a large number of first-tier cities house the hands of real estate off the sudden increase in real estate costs, coupled with no buyers then set, in order to protect themselves, this part of selling real estate can only select customers, such large-scale selling expected to occur late in October, when second-hand housing market will slump. At the end, that will transfer to the new home market.
for the second and third tier cities, real estate speculators from the number and size is smaller than the first-tier cities, so this is not so obvious in the second and third tier cities.
Mr Chan said, the end of time, the developer of the financial pressure is relatively large. In order to achieve the funds withdrawn from circulation, some developers will be price for content. However,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], due to regional and internal situation is different, prices are not the same room for adjustment. First-tier cities in recent years, soaring housing prices, some downward adjustment may be greater.
people feel to buy a house early disadvantage,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also create the illusion of the property market is still hot.
more tough days of small developers
The developers also said that interest rates may become the body of pressure in the medium and small developers, He currently has at least already know the three hands of small developers are linked to the land transfer issues.
him, to get these developers to hand, we began to think of bank mortgage loans, but banks do not agree to lend. Would like to receive part of the 预售款 his house up, but has stuck his neck 预售款 regulation. If the store was not afraid of developing countries to the confiscation of the land. Not easy trying to land a smooth shot, because the market is not good,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych],[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], people are willing to take over the price low. Therefore, there may be a small developer by the end of bankruptcy.
future projections security room will usher in
from historical experience, once you start raising interest rates, interest rates will open the channel, which for many developers may not be a good news. But from another angle, real estate into the
Wu Qilun that it has been a misunderstanding, that is, one would think that the real estate market real estate market. From the current point of view, this year's series of control measures, the purpose is for the real estate market, After cooling housing market, the protection of housing is possible, From this year's land supply situation, the Department of Homeland urged all localities to ensure that the affordable housing land supply, affordable housing, slum upgrading and self-occupied land of small and medium size commercial building, housing construction is not less than 70% of the total land supply . As long as the construction of this part of the house in place and they can pull the real estate related industries, but also to meet the needs of buyers.

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