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mbt shoes sale Second, teaching structure designed

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PostWysłany: Śro 2:06, 20 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: mbt shoes sale Second, teaching structure designed

On the optimization of the natural classroom teaching primary grades

Nine-year compulsory primary natural syllabus clearly states: and body all-round development, improve the nation's scientific and cultural quality, cultivate ideals, morality,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], culture, and discipline of the socialist construction professionals, has a great significance. However, the real completion of the educational mission and fully implement the requirements set forth in the outline, the main battlefield is the natural classrooms. In particular, as the starting year, the level of teaching quality, not only directly affect the completion of these tasks, but also the students started studying natural sciences. Therefore, the optimization of low-grade natural classroom teaching and improve teaching efficiency is a top priority. Chinese papers Union editing. An accurate grasp of the characteristics of the textbook, is to optimize the low grade nature of the premise of teaching, we believe that low-grade natural textbooks highlight the following main features 1. Attention to implementing the nine-year compulsory primary natural syllabus nine-year compulsory education syllabus natural spirit, changing the traditional understanding. Science class that is the nature of the Natural course of the task from capability. New low-grade natural materials, pay attention to all aspects of the outline reflects the spirit of reform: the ability of the structure, such as textbooks and moral structure of a knowledge-based structure, through carefully selected combination of all three points, the knowledge of teaching, capacity-building, ideological education closely and organically integrated into one. 2. Materials consistent with the psychological characteristics of students and understanding of the law new materials to better penetrate the human scientific understanding of the educational program. Almost all materials in accordance with the Also fully embodies the easy to difficult, progressive approach, from simple to complex, from the individual to the general laws of cognition. Grades 1-4 59 lessons, covering physics and chemistry, biology, astronomy, earth science and human health care, and many other simple and obvious of scientific knowledge, are focus reflects the nature of scientific enlightenment. Textbook of natural objects and natural phenomena specific, direct, visible, tangible, and easy to understand, are quite interested students. Such as crickets, small goldfish, leaves, windmills, tumbler and so on. Low-grade And Arrangement of materials is by allowing students to see, think and do, so curiosity satisfied, can learn some simple and obvious knowledge of the natural sciences, but also improve the analysis of the initial problems and problem-solving ability. 3. In various forms, illustrations, easy to Considering their low literacy, texts are filling the alphabet. Low-grade children under good move, better to do the characteristics of the game, teaching materials posted selected leaf paintings, windmill and collect seeds do need all hands-on content, but also selected as a magnet game, step on the shadow, recognize things such as using games to learn content. Attaches great importance to the new material to play the role of color chart. The experiment to observe the object and the scientific knowledge involved, the screen can be used to display fresh. Map is the basis of the text, the text is the embodiment of figure, the students through the Picture stories, what to do, how to do it will be clear. Illustrated the new materials can enhance the visual experience of children with low grades, so that they learn a way, moving a basis for reducing the burden on teachers and students, help to improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, point to understand a new way of organizing teaching. 4. Materials related to the teaching aids, learning a simple, readily available hands-on, practical learning activities is a unique, hands and brain is a process. Low-grade natural materials have to use almost every lesson teaching aids and learning tools. To alleviate the burden on teachers to increase student familiarity, textbooks, teaching aids needed, learning tools were simple, many students are around the objects. Readily available materials, it is easy to meet the teaching needs. Such as pencils, rulers,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stationery and other school supplies, match sticks, bottles, old toothpaste tubes and other daily necessities. Second, teaching structure designed to optimize low-grade nature of classroom teaching key teaching structure is a certain built under the guidance of teaching thinking, the more stable structural framework of teaching activities and activities of the program. Teaching structure can be understood as part of a class (ie, link or steps), as well as parts of the sequence and time allocation. It includes guided lesson, the new grant, consolidation exercises and classroom summary and so on. How effective a class, the quality often depends on the level of classroom structure is reasonable. Therefore, a good teaching structure designed, is to optimize the low-grade natural classroom teaching. Design teaching the lower grades of natural structures, from the overall objective, prominent academic characteristics,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not only the purpose of this structure meet the requirements of teaching content and teaching needs, and text structure to meet the materials, and students recognize that it does not violate know laws, therefore, the structure should strive to highlight the following points: first structure to meet the student's age, psychological characteristics, is conducive to the accumulation of scientific inquiry activities to mobilize students to experience the enthusiasm. Second, the structure of cognitive processes with students to coordinate and help to promote the development of cognitive structure is conducive to complete knowledge of teaching, capacity-building and moral education tasks. Accordingly, the low grade nature teaching structure follows the general pattern can be designed: photo {figure} The second part is a new award phase. Through a series of The third part is to consolidate the application stage. Effective through repeated training, knowledge and ability so that students gradually been consolidated, strengthened and enhanced. Third, the use of appropriate teaching methods, is to optimize the low grade nature of classroom teaching to ensure Teaching thinking by teaching constraints, the nature of the past, the natural course as the subject, whose main task is to teach students some of Qian Jin natural knowledge, teaching materials is to describe the functions of existing knowledge. Teaching methods must be adopted by teachers to ensure students access to these ready-made knowledge and ready to drive their passive knowledge of the memory. The new outline clear: nature is the task of teaching science elementary education students. Low-grade nature of the basic requirements are: to help students understand the natural world around the salient features of common things. Science class is no longer a simple transfer of knowledge, but requires teachers to stimulate student interest in exploring the creation of situations for them to complete various tasks. Only teaching flexible, properly, in order to improve teaching quality, to achieve educational purposes. Therefore, appropriate teaching, classroom teaching is to optimize the natural guarantee. Natural teaching in the lower grades are commonly used in teaching to see and do. To see: that observation. Observation is an important way of understanding the world of children, but also students to gain knowledge of the premise. Teachers should provide students with adequate vivid and specific emotional material,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and guide students to materials that require careful observation of the observation. Content for different materials, different observation form to be taken. Generally divided into curricular and extra-curricular and independent observers (the purpose of a single observation) of three. The first two are under the guidance of teachers purpose of observation, which is the object of study the students carried out according to independent observations. The former is a method to teach students to observe, laying the foundation for the latter, which is the inevitable development of the former. Do: the experiment. Experiments under controlled conditions in the human, with equipment (material) knowledge of natural things, ways of teaching. Some experiments can be overcome time, space and other natural conditions, in the classroom reproduce a natural phenomenon. Some experiments can control the condition, compared to some of the students more aware of the nature of natural things, change process, change and laws of reason, through the students feel, do a do and gain a vivid perceptual knowledge.

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