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Let us love again , life and death !

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PostWysłany: Wto 15:08, 19 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: Let us love again , life and death !


Chu Yifan sitting in the street under the shade of a tree on a white bench, sickly to smoking, do not know if this is his first sit here and smoked a few cigarettes. In the emitted smoke, he stares at the coming and going of the pedestrian street, seems to pass by with indifference, it seems that everyone is busy, and it all seems to have nothing to do with him.
another few hours, he and she would break up in this, went their separate ways. Raised his eyes across the street that Maybe now she was packing the luggage and sweating. He did not want to see her face expressionless look, so he chose to hide out and smoke. Her blue Yutong, his college classmate, his first love, his wife. And from today, she would no longer be his wife, who is no longer hurt him, let him gas dear. Phone from his trouser pockets out [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], transferred out of them a sweet photo, it was four years ago they took the wedding, he was using a mobile phone remake of the down, there has been cell phone, no matter where he was a business trip, leisure time he would open watching, enjoying the sweet.
photo, he is so spirited, wearing a pair of glasses, but no shortage of refined handsome. She does, is petite [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], delicate facial features, especially the pair of almond eyes, languishing. I watched, wet eyelashes, he Nayan's hand, gently rub away the traces of that sad. They contained four classmates, graduate married. Although the days were hard [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but the two people be together rented a small house, plain and sweet day. But do not know which day on, when they finally have their own nest more than 100 square meters, has often sounded the voice of argument. For what? He could not find reason. In order to live better, to make the beloved she'll be very happy few, he resigned from public office, to a new world to fight for. Their life is indeed great changes have taken place, he everywhere, to talk about a project, in order to earn some Money, natural two people less and less time together, communication and exchange only through text messages and phone calls.
her, Yutong has been a less demanding life of the woman, is hard for Ph.D. study, hanging out at the library. Yifan at home, even when two people are rarely the same as before with the grocery shopping, cooking, not to mention movies and music, and their common love of travel, it has already become their . He complained that Yutong no interest in life, only know that book learning; and Yutong accused him of material obtained only know to give up a spiritual pursuit, that he was sophisticated, tacky. Two men accused each other this way, complaining, until one day even the accusations and complaints of feeling are gone. They decided to give each other a way to love, give each other a little better in the mind to retain memories. And he has a request before and Yutong is breaking up a trip to Jiuzhaigou, because it is in college, he and she share a common dream.
they hit the road, with a round in Jiuzhaigou that paradise of that dream. Just four days later, and now they are in the hotel, waiting to leave tonight. Yifan feel at this moment is very complex and blurred. He kept asking himself: He felt his kite to fly away, and Yutong hands had broken the line. The next intersection, she left and I march to the right, never to return.
being cranky, he was shaking like a bench beneath a few to start his own that caused dizziness, but the moment he saw them around the confusion. Street car horns screaming, people owned all of a sudden out of hula, and keep the foot still shaking.
arrived hotel door to see the open space are the objects and clutter, and even lost a lot of blankets to towels. He searches the crowd panic, mouth kept shouting: Him through the crowd, rushed past, Yutong messy hair, wearing only pajamas and ran out of tape, a foot wearing a simple hotel slippers, while the other one has no idea where lost in the. He quickly took off his shirt and put on his wife. Then took his wife came to the open space of a few people, let her sit down, gently stroked her face [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], said: smile.
Yutong did not catch her husband, saw his shadow in front of the building flash, the entrance of the service personnel did not seem to stop Yifan. Yutong also bear ran a few steps, in the downstairs shouting Yutong his shoes one hand, a hand holding Yutong backpack.
over at the arms.
night, people sleep outside. Yifan and Yutong nestling closely together, Yutong reduction in her husband's arm gently smiling at him, as the current year. And Yifan hands tightly holding his wife's small hand, the temperature of her hands, so he felt was sweet. Thus they gaze for long, as if watching two people who wet the memory of soul. Those who remember the warmth of each other, began drying, the distribution of a new atmosphere of love breath!

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